Covid Operational Plan

COVID-19 Operational Plan - Eliot River Ramblers Soccer Club 2021 Season

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Version #/Date


 Allana Mullally & Melissa Rommens

1/May 10, 2021

Document created for new season


Introduction:  This document outlines the general COVID-19 specific policies and procedures that Eliot River Ramblers Soccer Club will maintain in order to offer soccer programming to its members while respecting regional public-health orders and promoting the safe work and play environment of our staff and members.  This will be communicated to staff prior to starting work and to members prior to offering programs.  Failure by any participants and/or individuals to follow these recommendations and guidelines may result in removal from participation without refund.

This is a living document and will be updated according to new information and practices recommended by health authorities in Prince Edward Island, as they become available. 

Any questions regarding this document or its contents should be relayed to the contact identified below.

Name of Business:  Eliot River Ramblers Soccer Club

Civic Address: 78 Hilltop Drive

 Manager: Allana Mullally                             Signature:                              

Phone:  902-388-1560                                    Email:

Anticipated Start Date & End Date:  May 10 to Sept 31, 2021

Brief Description of Activities:  Soccer practices and games

As described in the COVID Response Action Plan which accompanies this Operational Plan: the designated COVID-19 Single Point of Contact (SPOC) is:  Allana Mullally, Tel: 902-388-1560ALL COVID-19 concerns should be directed to Allana.

  1. Physical Distancing

Who the measures apply to


Measures taken to ensure minimal interaction of people (2 metres separation)

 All program attendees (players, parents, coaches, staff, helpers, drivers, etc.)

All program attendees must:

  •        Stay informed, be prepared and follow public health advice.
  • Maintain physical distancing of 2 m (6 ft) with individuals who are not part of one’s household.
  • Adhere to mass gathering limits (4 cohorts of 50 maximum)
  • Stay home when ill and call 811 promptly if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Use the self-assessment tool prior to attending a session (Appendix A- Self Assessment Tool). If you have attended a program with the Ramblers within 14 days of experiencing symptoms, call or e-mail the contact listed above.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds prior and after attending a session; if soap and water are not available, use a hand sanitizer that contains 60% - 80% alcohol. 
  • Remember to not touch your face with unwashed hands.
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue or your sleeve, and wash or sanitize your hands directly after.  Sanitizer is available at all programs for participants and staff use.
  • Limit non-essential travel.  Keep a log of interactions to self-monitor and to facilitate contact tracing should a case be detected.

Note that:

  • Vulnerable individuals should exercise caution and minimize high-risk exposures.
  • Teammates and neighbors can carpool or share drives if physical distancing is maintained. 




Who the measures apply to


Measures  taken to ensure minimal interaction of people. 

Players/ Participants

  • All team staff and players must be registered through the club registration system.
  • There will be no bathrooms available for player/participant use.
  • Follow all entry and exit signs and traffic directions during drop off and pick up.
  • Parents may stay during the session provided they stay more than 10 yards from the playing field and maintain physical distancing between households.
  • Contact information for a parent must be current and a parent must be available for contacting while players are attending sessions.
  • Players are to take their garbage home with them.  No receptacles will be provided.
  • If a player feels unwell, they must contact an organizer/staff member immediately.
  • Follow all physical distancing signage posted at the facility and in club house. 
  • The club house is not open to players or parents.


Pre-training, all players must:

  • Complete a self-assessment.  If anyone in the household is exhibiting symptoms for COVID-19, do not participate.
  • Use the washroom at home prior to attending the training session as bathrooms will not be available for use.
  • Before attending, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds; if not available, use a hand sanitizer that contains 60% - 80% alcohol
  • Dress for the session, including cleats. No locker rooms   are available for use at the field.  Dress warmly (layers can easily be removed) to avoid having to return to the car for extra clothing. 
  • Bring a labeled water bottle and ensure you have enough water for the session to avoid having to access water at the field.  If desired, include a small towel to remove sweat - to be utilized throughout the training session.
  • Arrive at the session or game according to instructions from the Club - and no sooner - to minimize cross-over with other groups.  
  • Take your kit bag and water with you to the field so you do not have to return to the car.
  • Upon arrival, use the designated parking zones and field entry point.
  • Disinfect hands upon field entry.


During training, all players must:

  • Maintain social distancing from all other players at all times - including during drop off, pick up and play times.  Markings, cones or other equipment may be used to designate distancing requirements.
  • Avoid physical contact with other players.
  • Do not shake hands or do fist bumps, with other players.
  • Do not share any equipment with others unless instructed to do so.  Goalkeepers may not share gloves
  • Do not spit or bring chewing gum on the field.
  • At the end of the session, gather up all personal belongings and garbage (double check) and leave the field as directed by your coach/organizer at the field exit point.
  • Use hand sanitizer and proceed directly to the pickup area.


Post training, at home:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds; if not available, use a hand sanitizer that contains 60% - 80% alcohol
  • Clean equipment and wash training gear (socks, shorts, shirt, goal keeper gloves).
  • Contact the club if your child or any member of the household shows any symptoms of COVID-19.



Who the measures apply to


Measures taken to ensure minimal interaction of people. 














Organizers/ Coaches

As per the COVID Response Plan:

If a player reports that they are feeling unwell, or you see someone exhibiting symptoms of an acute respiratory infection, the player will be accompanied from the field, observing social distancing, hands will be sanitized, and parent/driver will be called.  The player will remain accompanied, observing social distancing, until he/she is picked up in a safe, physically distanced but easily accessible waiting area. 

If you (organizer/coach) feel unwell while at the field, you must call Alanna, sanitize your hands, go home as soon as it is safe to do so, and call 811.

Areas used by a sick person will be closed off and not used until after cleaning and disinfecting them (for outdoor areas, this includes surfaces or shared objects in the area).

The event will be reported to Allana.


  • Confirm the amount of space available for your session and design your session plan accordingly.
  • Confirm the time you have available and consider all factors when designing the session plan (i.e. explanations, activity durations and transitions for water breaks) so that sessions will proceed according to time allotted.    Recognize that transitions may take a little longer than normal when managing players and session set up.
  • Ensure program attendees use the field entry point and sanitize their hands at each session.
  • Ensure program attendees are on the roster and take attendance.
  • Make sure players place and keep their personal items in the area designated for their use.
  • Have a designated bag for your equipment and a designated location on the field to place your own equipment, in accordance with physical distancing requirements.
  • Have enough equipment in a good condition (e.g. pumped up balls, number of cones) available to run your session.


  • Start and end the sessions on time to allow suitable times between programs. 
  • Respect the social distancing guidelines required for sessions. 
  • See also Scrimmages and Modified Game Rules below.


  • Ensure equipment is removed from the field in a safe manner.  If the equipment is to be shared with another session, it must be cleaned and disinfected according to the procedures described in Section 4.
  • Any garbage or belongings left on the field will be removed using hygienic methods.
  • Reflect on how the equipment management and spacing worked out in the session and suggest improvements to the organizer/coordinator.
  • Don’t leave any personal belongings on the field of play.
  • Report any participants that report symptoms of COVID-19 to Allana.



Who the measures apply to


Measures taken to ensure minimal interaction of people. 




Organizers/ Coaches/Players - for Scrimmages and Modified Game Rules 

Games and scrimmages will use modified games rules:

U11:  7v7 on U11 field

U13:  9v9 on U13 field

U15 and up: 11v11 on full field


Modified games rules:

·         Maintain a 2 meters distance (or more) from any player unless you make an attempt to dispossess the opponent from the ball.

·         No physical contact with players off the ball.

·         No spitting or clearing of nasal passages allowed.

·         No handshakes pre or post game with opponents.



Who the measures apply to


Measures taken to ensure minimal interaction of people. 

Eliot River Rambler Club

The Board or designated employees will ensure the following tasks are completed:

  • All team staff and players are registered through the club registration system.
  • All procedural guidelines for pre-training, training and post-training will be communicated in advance to all staff, coaches and volunteers.
  • Commonly touched surfaces will undergo enhanced cleaning and disinfection
  • Employees will be provided with protective items as required by health authorities.

The following procedures will be adhered to:

  • All team staff will have player rosters with contact information.
  • Ensure all team staff conduct player and parent/driver attendance for each session to enable contact tracing.
  • All doors accessible to the public will remain open to avoid contact with door handles.
  • Entry to the Clubhouse will be restricted to employees and Executives only with a maximum of three staff in the clubhouse at one time, unless for a seated or standing-in-place meeting where physical distancing can be maintained.
  • Soap or hand sanitizer will be provided in all program kits, at the clubhouse, and be made available at other locations, as required.  It will be provided to all persons upon entry or exit from a field.
  • Markings on the ground will be used to indicate proper physical distancing, where appropriate.
  • Staff will be asked to use the bathroom at home prior to their session to avoid/minimize the use of bathrooms at training facilities
  • Any equipment shared between sessions will be cleaned and disinfected according to the procedures described in Section 4.
  • Staff will be asked to wash or disinfect their hands regularly (every hour is recommended).
  • Programming and staffing will accommodate the need for adhering to the distancing measures and recommendations issued by the provincial government health authorities. 
  • Session start and finish times will be set to allow suitable times between programs for added cleaning and disinfection measures and to ensure no cross over between players from consecutive sessions.  Session start and finish times will be adhered to in order to allow these measures to be applied.
  • All chairs and tables in communal areas will be inaccessible or removed to avoid all gatherings
  • Response Action Plan will be shared with all staff, volunteers, and coaches.
  • Spectators will not be allowed in the field area and will be discouraged to congregate in the parking area. 
  • Programs will only be open to registered staff/coaches and participants not experiencing any symptoms that could be related to COVID-19 and who are not required to self-isolate.
  • Staff will be provided with any protective items required by the health authorities and hand sanitizer.  They will be trained in the proper and safe use of these protective items, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant solution, including WHMIS 2015 training, if they do not have the training already.
  • The disinfectant “Virkon” will be used for equipment, unless specified otherwise.  It will be applied (spray or immersion) at a concentration of 1% and left on the equipment for a minimum of 10 minutes before being rinsed (or it may be left to dry on).  Only senior staff will mix the disinfectant solution.
  • The training field is only open to registered staff, coaches & participants not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Cohorts will not exceed 50 players + coaches (combined)
  • Parent cohort must be 10 yards away from the field and maintain physical distancing.
  • Cohorts will have staggered training session times to create a buffer between sessions and avoid overlap of players at the facility and on the field.
  • All unoccupied fields and free spaces are off-limits to non-sanctioned gatherings and play.




Multiple Gatherings Guidelines - Soccer Complex with multiple fields

  • Maximum of 50 participants per full size field.
  • If training two groups of 25 on full sized field, groups must remain separate at all times with a 20 yard neutral zone.
  • Each group (players, staff & spectators) must have their own entry and exit points to the field.
  • Gatherings at other fields are staggered to minimize cross over.
  • Each field will have their own respective parking and drop off and pick up zone.
  • There will be no washrooms available for use except times when an attendant is on hand to enforce strict social distancing.  In these instances, a hand sanitizer station will be at entry to bathroom and hand washing upon departure.
  1. Policy for Exclusion of Employees/Volunteers/Participants/Clients Requiring Self-Isolation

The club will clearly communicate to all members, coaches, volunteers, participants and parents/guardians the exclusion policy in place for anyone who is required to self-isolate.

Signage to notify individuals that they should not attend if they are required to self-isolate to be posted.

  1. Illness/Exclusion Policy for Employees/Volunteers/Participants with Symptoms of COVID-19


The club will clearly communicate to all members, coaches, volunteers, participants and parents/guardians the exclusion policy in place for anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

Signage to notify individuals that they should not attend if they have symptoms of COVID-19 to be posted.           

  • All staff, members, coaches, volunteers, participants and parents/guardians must self-monitor for symptoms and report to Allana Mullally (902-388-1560; if they have concerns about possible COVID exposure or possible symptoms.
  • Any staff member, player or participant developing symptoms of COVID-19 at a field or club facility must immediately perform hand hygiene, report to manager, coach or organizer, avoid contact with other members and staff and leave as soon as it is safe to do so. Please go to a COVID-19 drop-in clinic for testing. See COVID Response Action Plan for more details.
  • Symptomatic persons will be required to self-isolate until tested for COVID-19 and the results are confirmed.
  • If the test results are negative for COVID-19 but the person remains ill and/or symptomatic, they must remain absent from all fields and club facilities.

Symptoms of COVID-19 include:

  • cough (new or exacerbated chronic)
  • headache
  • fever/chills
  • sore throat
  • marked fatigue
  • sneezing
  • congestion
  • body aches
  • runny nose


4.     Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfection of Shared Areas and Surfaces

Cleaning products will remove visible soil and/or dirt from surfaces.  Disinfecting products are used to destroy bacteria and viruses.  Ensure to CLEAN visibly dirty surfaces, prior to DISINFECTION.

Cleaning product

Dish soap

Mixing instructions

Add dish soap to the bucket, fill with water.

Steps for use

1.   Put on gloves and other required gear for cleaning.

2.   Take apart all equipment components whenever possible.

3.   Apply cleaning product, as required, to remove soil

4.   Rinse with fresh water


Disinfecting product

Hand sanitizer

Mixing instructions


Steps for use

1.    Squirt an appropriate amount of sanitizer on hand

2.    Rub on hands, ensuring that all surfaces of hands and fingers (including between fingers and between fingers and thumb, and tips of fingers) are contacted.

3.    Allow to dry


Disinfecting product


Mixing instructions

Use at a concentration of 10g of Virkon per liter of fresh water or 100g per 10 L (1%[2]).  The solution should be a bright pink color.  Solutions that are used for immersion of equipment should be replaced every three days - or as soon as the solution appears soiled or the pink color of solution appears to fade.  Metals should not be used for mixing or storing the disinfectant solution.

Steps for use

1.    Equipment must be clean in order for the disinfectant to work.

2.    Put on personal protective equipment

3.   Mix up approved disinfecting solution according to the table above; or obtain pre-mixed solution

4.   Apply disinfecting solution to surfaces using a sprayer or hand pump (spray from top to bottom) or immerse in solution.

5.   Allow equipment to remain in contact with the solution for a minimum of 10 minutes

6.   Rinse equipment before use or allow to dry on equipment.  (Do not allow it to dry on metals.)


Disinfecting product

Disinfectant wipes (as available)


Mixing instructions



Steps for use

1.   Equipment must be clean in order for the disinfectant to work.

2.   Wipe the surfaces of equipment with the wipes

3.   Allow equipment to remain in contact with the disinfectant for a minimum of 10 minutes before use

4.   Rinse equipment before use or allow to dry on equipment



Frequency of cleaning/disinfection


Location of cleaning/ disinfection

Cones, balls, drill equipment

If shared between sessions


At field or clubhouse

Shared surfaces at the clubhouse - computer keyboard, mouse, and the countertop

Start of the day, end of the day and after use.



Clubhouse bathroom

After every use




Cleaning / Disinfection of gear

If balls are to be shared between session, they must be cleaned and disinfected in the following manner:

-      A staff member will first put on protective latex or nitrile gloves.

-      All gear will be examined for dirt and any dirt or other material that may impair sanitation will be removed using a Virkon soaked rag or dish soap.

-      Once all gear / balls are deemed clear of excess soil / dirt contamination, the balls / gear will be sprayed with (top to bottom) or immersed in a 1% Virkon solution.


5.     Hand Washing /Sanitizer Stations

We all have to do our part to prevent the spread of illness.  We know that practicing good hygiene is an essential part of preventing the spread of COVID-19.  To protect yourself and others from getting sick, take the following precautions:

  • Wash your hands often (in addition to routine times such as after using the washroom, before eating, when handling food for the public),
  • Cough/sneeze into your elbow or tissue and throw away,
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands,
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available.

Hand Sanitizer Stations


Coaches/ Employees

When entering and exiting the field and between sessions


When entering and exiting the field



Hand Washing Stations



Washroom.  And when leaving home and returning home.


When leaving home and returning home.

6.     Capacity Limits

Capacity limits will follow the guidance for gatherings described in Section 7.

7.     Gatherings

Gatherings will take place on premises for practices and games.

A maximum of 50 people per organized gathering is permitted.  Additional groups or cohorts of 50 may be permitted, provided the groups of 50 can be kept separate and physical distancing can be maintained among individuals within each group, as per the guidance on multiple gatherings.

Attendance at grass fields (players, coaches) will not exceed 50 persons at one time.

Two groups may share the same field of play for practice or game play.  These groups will be kept separate from one another according to descriptions in the table below.

Multiple Gatherings at the Same Time

Area/Room  For example:


# of Individuals per Area/Room

Describe How You Will Keep Groups   Separate?   

Terry Fox Football Turf


25 per half of field

·      Entrance and exit for the groups will be at separate locations so they do not cross paths

·      Staff/volunteers will not be shared between groups during the program offering

·      Players will not move between cohorts during the program offering

·      There will be no washrooms provided by the club

Terry Fox Soccer Turf


25 per half of field

·      Entrance and exit for the groups will be at separate locations so they do not cross paths

·      Staff/volunteers will not be shared between groups during the program offering

·      Players will not move between cohorts during the program offering

·      There will be no washrooms provided by the club



8.     Additional directives/guidance

  • Only registered players/participants and staff may step onto the field of play.
  • Parents and guardians are required to provide written consent for players U18 and younger authorizing them to participate in soccer activity.

Appendix A

Self Assessment Tool for COVID-19

We are asking all participants in our programs to complete a self-assessment prior to attendance at Eliot River Rambler Programs.   Consult for more complete information about COVID 19.

For health related general questions about COVID-19, call 1-800-958-6400.

Adapted from


[1] DIN 02125021.


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